Students serve up an $8,000 dairy dessert with honey

American Dairy Science Association - NDC Networking Reception and New Product Competition

Winners of the fifth annual Dairy Prodcuts Competition sponsored by the National Dairy Council.  Image from Dairy Foods.

North Carolina State University takes the cake at this year’s Dairy Products Competition.

A team of students from North Carolina State University put a spin on a traditional Italian dessert made with honey to win first place and a cash prize of $8,000 at the fifth annual Dairy Products Competition.

Hosted by the National Dairy Council, this year’s competition theme was Innovative Products for Physical or Mental Health. Teams were challenged to come up with a dessert that had at least 51% of the ingredients in the finished product be dairy-based. The winner formula: panikotta.

Panikotta is a Greek spin on the Italian classic, panna cotta. The dairy dessert is high in protein with a honey vanilla base and is made with honey and ultra-filtered whole milk combined with 2% Greek yogurt and cultured nonfat dry milk.

Congratulations to North Carolina State University and all other students who participated.


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