Cottage cheese – adding sweetness to super food

Cottage Cheese with Honey

Versatile in the kitchen or consumed on its own, cottage cheese has long been a food staple in many people’s lives.

Cottage cheese can be a part of a healthy diet and a source of protein.  It also acts as a source of several essential nutrients and healthy fat content. To grow market share for this tradition product, dairy processors are turning to flavor to boost sales.

Honey pairs perfectly with cottage cheese, providing sweetness without adding any fat.

Adding honey to cottage cheese also brings in other nutritional minerals, including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and potassium.

HP Hood Cottage Cheese recently announced the launch of Hood Cottage Cheese with Honey and Pear. Honey and Pear combines in crisp pears and honey, extending the brand’s existing product line in dairy cases throughout the Northeast.

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