Cottage Cheese with Honey HP Hood – Lynfield, Mass.

Crisp pears meets sweet honey with this unique and original combination from HP Hood.

4% Cottage Cheese with Honey and Pear is the latest product introduction into the Lynnfield, Mass.-based company’s sweet cottage cheese line.

“When it comes to good nutrition, it’s about what you leave out, like excess calories, as well as what you add in, like protein,” said Elizabeth Ward, MS, RD, nutrition consultant for Hood. “These new flavors are a protein-forward choice that also provide other valuable nutrients, such as calcium, and are a great alternative to highly-refined foods like pastries.”

Hood Cottage Cheeses are available in seven sweet and savory flavors, including Chive, Cucumber and Dill, Garden Vegetables, Chive & Toasted Onion, Pineapple, Peaches, and Pineapple & Cherry.

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