2016 Food Trend Prediction: More Fat in Dairy

Honey Whole Milk Yogurt Nancy’s Yogurt – Eugene, Oregon

Predictions are hard to make, and changing taste buds, trends and fads make predicting food trends that much harder.

One major theme almost all experts agree on: more fat in products, specifically dairy and yogurts.

As people’s understanding of food grows, their diets change. Recent studies have shown that whole milk consumption is on the rise thanks to a “growing understanding that milk fat isn’t bad for you and may be actually good for you,” Gregory Miller, PhD, MACN, President of the Dairy Research Institute, said to Today’s Dietitian Magazine. Check out these whole milk yogurts Made With Honey.

Honey Whole Milk Yogurt – Nancy’s Yogurt – Eugene, Oregon

This rich, creamy whole milk yogurt is lightly sweetened with honey and made with hormone free milk and fully cultured with live probiotics and is Kosher and gluten-free. Nancy’s Yogurt has been a family-owned and operated since 1960, and focuses on real family, real food and real health.

Honey Pear Whole Milk Yogurt – Dreaming Cow – Pavo, Georgia

This Grade A pasteurized, grass-based, whole milk yogurt is sweetened with honey and contains natural pear flavors. Dreaming Cow’s products start from the ground up, with nutrient-rich soils that produce grass of the highest quality, which is fed to the cows.

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