Yogurt Category Keeps Expanding

Yogurt Category Keeps Expanding

The yogurt category continues to evolve and expand with more varieties and lactose free options. Yogurt from sheep, goats and grass-fed animals is becoming more popular, as is the kefir category.

The homogenized goat milk yogurt made by Redwood Hill Farm is a best-selling item in the natural food channel yogurt category. Redwood Hill Farms does not use refined sugar, preservatives or powdered goat milk, and the farm was the first goat dairy in the United States to become Certified Humane.

Redwood Hill Farm’s Strawberry Yogurt uses real strawberries, which adds a rich complexity of fruit flavors to the yogurt. The fruitiness balances perfectly with the subtle tartness of the yogurt cultures. The yogurt is sweetened with honey to ensure the natural strawberry flavor comes through in this juicy treat.

Dreaming Cow has eight flavors of yogurt made on a farm immediately after milking. These yogurts do not use stabilizers, gums, preservatives, added hormones or refined sugars. The company lets its cows roam in unconfined fields all year and creates high-quality yogurt products.

Dreaming Cow’s Honey Pear Yogurt combines the sweet taste of floral honey and pears with tangy yogurt cultures. A delicious cream layer rises to the top when eating the yogurt, and the pear and honey flavors settle at the bottom, leaving the perfect last bite.

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