New Dairy Trends Taking Shape

New Dairy Trends Taking Shape

There has been strong growth in the U.S. market for butter, whole milk, cream, kefir and natural cheeses, according to Chicago-based market research firm IRI.

Surprisingly, there has been lackluster performance from low fat and skim milk, frozen yogurt and margarine.

Liquid milk consumption has continued to decline, but consumers are using milk in everything from ready-to-drink specialty coffees to smoothies, according to Cindy Sorensen, VP of Business Development for the Midwest Dairy Association. Value added milks, such as lactose-free or high protein milk, have increased 20% over the past three years and cheese consumption has tripled since 1970, Sorenson said.

These Made With Honey dairy products are capitalizing on consumer cravings in the dairy industry.

Sea Hive – Beehive Cheese Co.

SeaHive took its traditional recipe for cheddar cheese, and hand-rubbed it with local wildflower honey and Redmond RealSalt. SeaHive is a beautifully balanced treat. The cheese is made from the milk of Jersey cows in northern Utah, and is full-bodied with a smooth, creamy texture.

Chevre Goat Cheese Fresh Honey – Montchevre

Made from pasteurized goat cheese, this treat is creamy and rich. Chevre Goat Cheese is only aged for a few weeks, so it is firm enough to slice, but creamy enough to spread. The addition of honey gives the cheese a hint of sugar that is pleasing to the palate. Its sweet side tempers the tanginess inherent in all goat cheeses.

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