Müller Breaks Through Competition

PepsiCo’s Müller Yogurt was recently recognized on Nielsen’s list of 12 Breakthrough Innovation Winners for 2015.

“Breakthrough Innovation winners resolve circumstances of struggle in consumers’ lives and fulfill unmet desires,” said Rob Wengel, senior vice president of innovation at New York-based Nielsen.

Müller yogurt has been enjoyed across Europe for more than a century. In 2012, the Theo Müller Group and PepsiCo formed the Müller Quaker Dairy joint venture to bring Müller to the United States. Müller has five lines of yogurt in the United States—Greek, Corner, Dessert Inspired, Ice Cream Inspired and FrütUp.

Check out some Müller yogurts that use honey.

Corner Crunchy Granola combines crunchy granola and low-fat vanilla yogurt. The granola is covered in honey for a sweet taste.

Greek Chocolate Coconut Crunch pairs Müller Greek-style yogurt with crunchy coconut and almond clusters, honey and dark chocolate chips. Each bite tastes decadent.

Dessert Inspired Strawberry Cheesecake is a blend of low-fat yogurt with creamy cheesecake flavoring, sweet strawberries and crunchy graham crumble coated with honey.

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