Honey FAQ: The Three Forms of Honey

Most people think of liquid when they think of honey. But did you also know honey can come in a dried and whipped/cremed form?

Honey’s three forms give the ingredient even more versatility in its flavor and functionality.

Liquid Honey: This is the most common type of honey in general, and is extracted from the honey comb by centrifugal force, gravity or straining. Liquid honey is free of visible crystals.

Dried Honey: This type of honey is derived from pure liquid honey, but includes processing aids and other ingredients, such as bran. To make this type of honey, liquid honey is dried to a low moisture content and converted to a free-flowing product. Dried honey must contain more than 50% honey, and comes in powders, flakes and granules.

Whipped / Cremed Honey: To create this sweet form of honey, liquid honey is whipped into a crystallized state, resembling a spread like butter or jelly

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