Milk Sales Decline as Nondairy Milk Substitutes Sore

According to a report in the, the milk category has experienced significant and steady changes throughout the last four decades.

Since 1975, milk sales are down 25% and this decrease in consumption is expected to continue.

In the 1970s, whole milk made up the majority of category sales at 66%. Today, whole milk accounts for only 26% of milk sales, whereas 2% milk is the current market leader with 33% of total milk sales. And, recent studies show that consumers are beginning to move from 2% to 1% milk.

Comparatively, soy and almond milk sales are beginning to sore with almond milk leading the growth of the non-dairy alternative category. This trend is expected to continue over the next five years.

The products of non-dairy milk substitute beverages are usually plant-based and may be made from soybeans, almonds, hemp, coconut, rice or oats. Flavors, such as honey, are often added to improve taste and marketability of non-dairy milk products. Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze – Hint of Honey offers a subtle sweetness and is the perfect flavor enhancer for consumers who want natural products but want them to taste like indulgent foods.

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