Chart Stopper: Gluten-Free Stair Stepping into the Mainstream

It does not take an advanced statistician to make sense of this bar graph.

Chart Stopper: Gluten-Free Stair Stepping into the Mainstream

Gluten-free sales are booming in supermarkets with no anticipated slowdown.  Even more impressive, we’re seeing growth across all categories.

Gluten-free candy, gluten-free free pasta even gluten-free beer! Many U.S. consumers have turned their back on this protein, and food and beverage manufacturers are jumping on the new product development bandwagon hoping to get a slice of the market.

The key: converting gluten-filled formulas to gluten-free without killing the taste, mouthfeel and texture of the product. It’s a challenge, but not insurmountable. Regardless of your product line, honey is a great ingredient to have in your gluten-free formulation arsenal.

Honey’s sweet flavor helps mask off-flavors of some gluten-free flours, and the ingredient’s moisture content brings a much desired mouthfeel to some dry products. Plus, who doesn’t love honey! The ingredient’s name and iconography on gluten-free food packaging may sway consumers that are hesitant about the taste of gluten-free products.

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