Hall’s Homestyle Ice Cream Premium Honey

Halls’ Premium Honey Ice Cream is an ice cream that contains 14% butterfat and 8% Pennsylvania honey.

all’s Homestyle Ice Cream Premium Honey

The ice cream is packaged in three-gallon square cardboard containers; 54 oz. resealable plastic containers; pint resealable containers; and 4 oz. and 6. oz. Dixie Cups.

William Hall began selling milk from a metal can and ladle hauled to town by a horse drawn buggy in 1905. After Hall had failing health in 1926, Hall’s son, John Allen and James Beaver built a plant at the Pleasant Home Farm site and were the first to introduce pasteurized milk to the area. After manufacturing ice cream and expanding to neighboring counties, Hall’s Ice Cream now is headquartered in Millerstown, Penn.

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