Spread the Cheese—And Honey

Wisconsin still may be the leading cheese producing state, but the phenomenon spreads throughout the United States, making it the second ranked cheese producing country in the world. (Wisconsin, California and Idaho are the top three cheese producing states in America.)

Statista.com reports that the United States produces about 10.6 billion pounds of cheese annually, and cheese ranks among the leading consumer packaged goods with annual sales of approximately $15.8 million.

Not only did Americans eat about 33.5 pounds of cheese in 2012, this number is expected to grow to 37 pounds by 2025. Statista conducted a consumer survey, and 77% of those polled cite cheese as a leading protein source in their diets.

FoodArts.com takes a deeper look into cheese pairings, stating that honey may not complement every cheese, but when it does, it’s a “sublime” combination. The publication cites ricotta, goat’s milk and Gorgonzola as cheeses that pair nicely with orange blossom, acacia and chestnut honey, respectively.

Chicago-based Eli’s Cheesecake Company combines wildflower honey with ricotta cheese to make its Wildflower Honey Cheesecake, topped with mascarpone cheese and honey almonds, baked on a shortbread cookie crust.

Cheeseland Inc. uses honey in its Honey Bee Goat Cheese variety, making for a goat’s milk cheese with cashew-like nutty sweetness. The soft, sweet cheese is easy to cube, grate or slice.


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