‘Exotic, Wacky’ Flavors Ice the Dairy Market

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are great staple flavors to have when it comes to ice cream, but customers are screaming for more.

Now that “plain old” ice cream has competition from yogurt, fro-yo and gelato in the United States, ice cream manufacturers are getting more creative.

Enter—hot sauce, balsamic vinegar and honey butterscotch ice cream flavors.

According to the Associated Press, Americans ate nearly 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream and other frozen dairy desserts in 2012. Traditional ice cream lost a bit of ground with its lowest production point since 1996, so manufacturers are looking at ways to shift the scales back in their favors. And, according to the AP, it’s working.

“Exotic and wacky” flavors are surprisingly selling out across the country, proving that each scoop can provide something different to consumers and that there are no bounds to ice cream experimentation. Since vegetables have a sweet flavor, they seem to be going over well with other sweet flavors like honey. And, of course, ice creams mixed with a liqueur flavor always are a hit.

Lick’s Hill Country Honey & Vanilla Bean may have the traditional vanilla flavor going for it, but its special twist is Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans. Blended with goat cheese, thyme and honey, this ice cream perfectly mixes traditional with new.

Jeni’s Whiskey & Pecans ice cream has notes of honey, butterscotch, coconut and of course, Oyo Whiskey. The vanilla-based ice cream is studded with crunchy, whole, salted and double-toasted pecans.

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