Butter Churns Out Highest Consumption Rate in Decades

Spread on toast, used in baking, slathered on our favorite vegetables—butter has been a staple in American homes for centuries.

Surprisingly, according to the American Butter Institute, per-capita butter consumption rose even higher in the past year, up 5.6 pounds.

Butter consumption has grown 25% in the past 10 years, reaching a 40-year high in 2012. Why is butter gaining ground and hitting kitchen tables faster? Experts say it’s due to the all-natural quality of butter, which can have benefits that shine it in a better light than its competitors.

Butter simply makes many foods taste better, and when sweetened with honey, the flavor can be almost irresistible.

Honey’s sweetness is swirled into creamy butter in Land O’ Lakes’ Honey Butter Spread. Founded in 1921, Land O’ Lakes has been a leading butter company for decades. This unique spread is perfect on biscuits, toast, hot cereal or vegetables.

Downey’s Honey Butter is a low-fat butter that includes the sweet taste of honey. Known for its distinctive flavor, the line includes a Cinnamon Honey Butter variety. Downey’s has specialized in handcrafting honey butter for more than 65 years.

Twisted Butter is a spreadable blend of honey, salted butter and herbs. The all-natural offering contains no trans fats and is high in Vitamin A, E, K and D. Try the Cinnamon, Honey and Brown Sugar variety for breakfast or a sweet snack.

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