Frozen Dessert Manufacturers Feel the Heat, Make Way for New Products

Just when you thought the freeze was on with new dessert products in the dairy aisle, think again. There is a new wave of all-new frozen dessert temptations coming to the freezer aisle, and the lineup is even more exotic than before.

According to, salted caramel is a huge flavor trend in the dessert category, including frozen desserts, ice cream and yogurt. Greek God’s Honey Salted Caramel Yogurt stays on trend by providing honey, caramel and a salty edge in each container.

Honey, whether used as the base sweetener or as an inclusion in a dairy product, can be the ideal additive to a frozen dessert, ice cream or yogurt.

Yoplait’s Greek Frozen Yogurt Bars feature honey and caramel on a stick. They contain two times the protein of regular frozen yogurt and only 90 calories per bar.

After holding a contest to create their newest flavor a couple of years ago, Velvet Ice Cream Company and the Ohio Farm Bureau chose Honey Caramel as the flavor to take into the future. The ice cream blends honey with swirls of caramel, a flavor variety that still is a hit today.

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