Chuckanut Bay Foods’ Cheesecakes Cites Honey As Key Ingredient

Chuckanut Bay Foods’ Cheesecakes Cites Honey As Key Ingredient

With a tag line that states “Natural goodness in every bite,” it’s clear to assess the value that Chuckanut Bay Foods places on natural ingredients.

The Ferndale, Washington-based company sources its ingredients from regional dairies and farms, and strives to use primarily Northwest-sourced ingredients, including honey. In this Q&A, Rebecca Campbell of Chuckanut Bay Foods talks about why honey is a key ingredient in the company’s line of cheesecakes.

Take us through the company’s line of cheesecakes that contain honey. Where did the inspiration come from to have so many made with honey cheesecakes in your product line?

We use honey in our Honey Bourbon, Honey Lavender and Strawberry Swirl Cheesecakes as well as using it in our fruit toppings for many of our flavors. Chuckanut Bay Foods actually makes our own fruit topping sauce from scratch and honey is a key ingredient. We believe all-natural is the way to go in creating delicious cheesecakes.

What are your most popular made with honey cheesecakes?

One of our biggest-sellers is our Strawberry Swirl because of the real fruit and honey. It is especially popular during the holidays and a best seller during Valentine’s Day. In fact, it comes in a heart shape just for that reason. For more information on these, check out this blog post.

What does Chuckanut Bay love about working with honey?

Honey is an all-natural sweetener that works so well in our cheesecakes and our customers seem to just love it! It also adds that special something that we believe makes our cheesecakes just perfect.

What is your favorite cheesecake with honey and why?

My favorite cheesecake with honey in it has to be the Honey Lavender because it is a perfect mix of all-natural lavender with the sweet honey to make your taste buds smile.

Do you have any future plans to add more cheesecakes to the line that contain honey?

We always are looking to add new cheesecakes to our line and are currently experimenting with honey in some new flavors. If you can think of a flavor with honey in it you would like to see, give us a comment on our blog. We would love to hear it.

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