Tropical Fruits, Dessert Flavors Top Mid-Year Ice Cream Trends

Summer may be winding to a close, but the sweet taste of ice cream is a year-round favorite.

According to,  tropical, fruity and “outdoor-inspired” dessert indulgence flavors are hot items in the frozen foods section.

Honey, a prevalent addition to ice cream, can be found in each current popular variety.

If you like having your dessert in the great outdoors, Breyers’ new S’mores Blasts  includes honey, chocolate chips, graham cracker swirls and marshmallow flavoring.

Chocolate Rainforest Crunch by Gifford’s is a part of its Outdoor Adventure Series ice cream line. The outdoorsy blend of honey, candy-coated cashews and chocolate flakes are inspired by places and activities in Maine.

Lemon and nut flavors have emerged as top tropical tantalizers. Ruby Jewel’s honey, lavender and lemon ice cream sandwiches  are an all-natural treat, satisfying the dessert trend.

If you are a macadamia nut fan, try Snoqualmie Ice Cream’s Honey Macadamia Nut variety.   The nut originating from the Australian rainforest now can be in your spoon, along with the sweetness of honey.

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