Frozen Greek Yogurt Sales on the Rise

Refrigerated Greek yogurt is a trend that isn’t going anywhere soon, and consumers now are looking at an even colder option.

Frozen Greek yogurt is popping up everywhere around the United States, in turn increasing the demand and keeping manufacturers busy.

According to research from Mintel, sales of frozen yogurt grew almost 17% from 2010 to 2012, the largest percentage increase of all Mintel-tracked categories. Greek yogurt is low in calories and high in calcium, a win-win for consumers. And, it is strained, resulting in less liquid whey, lactose and sugar. says that frozen Greek yogurt goes a step further, packing more protein than regular frozen yogurt and has less water. In turn, frozen Greek yogurt is creamier and has less fat.

Perhaps the biggest appeal to frozen Greek yogurt is the flavor options that consumers have when opening the freezer case. Honey, fruit, chocolate and other varieties of frozen Greek yogurt are popular choices. Even though frozen Greek yogurt isn’t No. 1 in all markets, the room for growth and opportunity is endless.

If you’d like to try frozen Greek yogurt honey versions, here are some great choices to get you started.

Yoplait Greek Low Fat Frozen Yogurt-Honey Caramel has 130 calories, seven grams of protein and 20% of calcium per serving.

Healthy Choice Honey Swirl Greek Frozen Yogurt a 100-calorie treat with one gram of fiber and four grams of protein per serving.

Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Honey Caramel Greek Frozen Yogurt contains honey, skim milk, non fat yogurt and more, creating a tasty frozen sweet treat.





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