Greek Food Industry Has Greatest Growth Potential, Says Consulting Firm

The Aegean diet offers the world something only Greece can, and according to a recent USA Today article, some believe Greeks haven’t aggressively pursued an unmet global demand for their food and drink. However, food and agriculture categories in particular are on the uprise.

Consulting firm McKinsey & Co. predicts food manufacturing and agriculture in Greece could go from $27 billion in revenue to $42 billion by 2020. Some growth is attributed to the global success of Greek yogurt, which the article says is growing much faster than other yogurt brands. In fact, Greek yogurt is considered to be one of the fastest growing food categories of all time. And, even though it may help the Greek economy, what makes Greek yogurt Greek isn’t where it’s from: it’s the process in which the yogurt is made. In Greece, it’s just called plain yogurt.

By including honey as a flavor option, Greek yogurt producers showcase their commitment to the natural ingredients that are found in Greek yogurts.

Check out these Greek yogurt varieties that include honey:

FAGE Total Greek Yogurt with Honey

Chobani Greek Yogurt with Honey

Greek Gods Honey & Strawberry Flavored Greek Yogurt



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