Greek Yogurt Continues to Evolve

Greek Yogurt has become a fast growing category in the dairy case since it’s introduction about six years ago.  With its added protein and thick and creamy texture, Greek Yogurt can be enjoyed right out of the container, included in recipes or used as a base in dips or sauces.

Companies are continuing to tap into this market by allowing Greek Yogurt to evolve from containers in the refrigerated section, to boxes and cartons in the frozen food aisle.  Frozen Greek Yogurt and frozen Greek Yogurt bars are starting to appear in the freezer case.  Brands such as Ben and Jerry’s, Yoplait and Oikos have frozen Greek Yogurt and frozen Greek Yogurt bar varieties.  By including honey as a flavor option, Greek yogurt producers showcase their commitment to the natural ingredients that are found in Greek yogurts.

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