Honey Maid to Make a Public Splash (again)

Honey MaidFor the first time since the 1990s, Nabisco Honey Maid is stepping back into the spotlight. According to the New York Times, Kraft Foods is launching new products and an advertising campaign that promotes Honey Maid as a wholesome snack for kids.

The brand is popular for using natural ingredients, such as honey, and plans to use this advantage in launching new products. The new line will include Grahamfuls, a sandwich cracker with peanut butter, banana vanilla crème or peanut butter chocolate filling varieties. In addition, a version of Honey Maid crackers shaped like the video game characters of Angry Birds will be included in the launch.

Due to the brand’s rich history and the fact that the crackers are sweetened with pure honey, these new products are sure to appeal to both parents and children alike.

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