Honey FAQ: How does the color of honey impact its taste?

Honey FAQ: How does the color of honey impact its taste?

The colors of honey form a continuous range from water white to dark amber. The color of honey is related to its mineral content and is characteristic of its floral source. Light colored honey typically has a mild flavor, while dark colored honey is usually stronger in flavor. The Pfund color grader is a device used by the honey industry to measure the color of honey. The respective color designations, applicable range of each color, color range on the Pfund scale and optical density of freshly prepared caramel-glycerin solutions (USDA method) are presented on the following table.

* Optical density (absorbance = 100/percent trans-mittance), at 560 nm for 3.15 cm thickness for caramel-glycerin solutions measured versus equal cell containing glycerin.

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