Honey of a Sweetener

According to a new “Alternative Sweetener” report from The Freedonia Group Inc., U.S. demand for alternative sweeteners is expected to continue to grow during the next decade. As a result, dairy manufacturers are getting creative in reformulating their products to meet consumer demands. Honey is proving to be a popular ingredient in achieving this, due to its marketability and versatility as a sweetener.

One reason that honey is popular as an alternative sweetener is that market trends are favoring less-processed ingredients that can be marketed as natural. Honey is not only made by mother nature, but it’s very familiar to consumers. Taste is also an important factor in reformulating products. Honey can easily be incorporated into an array of dairy products without sacrificing flavor.

Noosa Yoghurt took advantage of honey’s benefits not only by sweetening their whole-milk yogurts with honey, but they also package their line in clear plastic containers. By doing this, consumers don’t even have to read the label; they can see for themselves that the product contains premium, natural ingredients.

The growing demand for products that contain alternative sweeteners presents numerous opportunities for dairy manufacturers and it’s easy to see that honey’s unique properties are proving to set products apart from others in a crowded marketplace.

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