Honey Milk Products Add Flavor and Energy

As the flavored milk industry continues to grow, dairy manufacturers are looking for creative ways to reformulate and rebrand their products with many turning to honey due to its consumer appeal and versatility as a flavor and sweetener. Honey is the ideal sweetener in milk because it provides desirable flavor notes, is a natural sweetening agent and adds a pure energy boost to beverages targeting the athletic drink market.

Honey consumption fills the body with natural energy through its 17 grams of carbohydrates per tablespoon, and dairy beverage manufacturers are launching new honey milk products to capitalize on consumer cravings for a natural energy boost. For example, Athlete’s Honey Milk® recognized that athletes are paying attention to what they put into their bodies and responded with a product with two natural ingredients: milk and honey. These ingredients provide the essential energy and nutrition needed for fuel and recovery while training.

For more information on Athlete’s Honey milk visit http://www.honeymilk.com/

Do you make a dairy product made with honey? Get them listed here by emailing info@bakingwithhoney.com


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