Honey Gives Dairy Products a Competitive Edge

The milk category is getting competitive and processors are trying hard to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. According to Dairy Foods Magazine, milk processors are experimenting with new flavors, processing techniques and packaging in order to make their beverages stand out in the dairy case.  Honey plays an integral role in these efforts due to its versatility as a marketing tool and flavor enhancer.

Honey is a valuable ingredient to milk processors for a variety of reasons. Flavored milk is gaining popularity and honey is a great way to sweeten this product. Honey also keeps the label clean and appeals to consumers as a natural ingredient.

In addition to its flavor enhancing properties, honey also can be used to market and promote products. It’s 100% nature-made and the images associated with bees, honeycombs and hives evoke positive emotions among consumers.

With the added competition from makers of soft drinks, energy drinks, teas, juices and bottled waters, milk processors have to step up their efforts in standing out. Honey is a marketable, natural ingredient that is sure to appeal to a variety of consumers.

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