We’re Buzzing Over This Month’s eNewsletter

Our June eNewsletter went out yesterday and it’s packed with some great info on honey! This month we highlighted Bees & Beans, a company that uses natural honey to create delicious candy bars. You’ll also learn about some great new products and how to substitute honey in your favorite recipes! In order to receive the latest news and updates, enter your email address at the top of this website and check out this month’s eNewsletter at http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=dkzem6fab&v=001xESrKcN5fLThZU9JFPn3OxhInWMZ__1CFOi_tTGgI-qDHWNIDGqh0Ne3yFkmoH3reh8T09b1gCXOmYSYdecLqfAbqYwp4P8DgH95xmySzDk%3D

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